UFOcast – 02 – Computer Affair

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Episode two sees us looking at Computer Affair. Freeman and Straker disagree about the use of computers in assessing human behaviour.

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6 thoughts on “UFOcast – 02 – Computer Affair

  1. Scattershot comments….

    The fact that the Aliens use ‘ordinary’ machine guns may have been a budgetary thing, as you say, but it has a definite plus, for me at least, at real bullets give the gunfights a visceral and realistic feel that pew pew lasers never give. Think of the reboot of Battlestar Galactica – the battles are so much more immediate and punchy because it’s all missiles and cannon shells. Here the same applies in UFO.

    Galactica also does ‘half sound in space’, sort of like sound hard underwater. Which suggests a vacuum while still having sound to add drama to the effects I wish UFO had done that. Ronald Moore openly admitted that the flash clips of the episode to come at the start of each BSHG instalment was a direct homage to the THIS EPISODE montages in Space 1999’s first season.

    Why do the Interceptors only have one missile? Good question. Well, I address that in my continuation series, UFO: The Battle Continues, where a crash upgrade sees a 40mm caseless gas-driven ‘grapeshot’ cannon pod added on, to port of the front skid, and two further nuclear missiles more or less ‘bolted’ on to the nose either side of the centre missile. This helps, but until the Eagle Interceptors are ready in 1986, it’s all SHADO can do.

    Speaking of SHADO, the organisation was called UFoeDO in the original series outline. This terrible name…Unidentified Foe Defence Organsiation…did not last terribly long, thankfully. The aliens were, in the same outline known as “UfoMen”. CRINGE.

    UFO’s second season, to have been made at Pinewood in 1973/4, was knownuntil its cancellation, at various points as UFO 2, UFO Year 2, and finally UFO: 1999. The second one there was clearly just a working title to put on outline documents rather than a genuine idea for a name..

    Around the time UFO was midway through production, Gerry Anderson and script editor Tony Barwick were starting work on a Bond film script. Either Moonraker (which in the end did not get made until the end of the 70s) or Diamonds Are Forever. Most likely the latter. All I can remember is that Barwick had three baddies in it called Tik Tak and Toe


  2. The mobile drivers view of the forest and UFO were not mattes, there was a set piece model of the cab mounted in front of the camera, in fact you can see a tree on the right of the frame being yanked out of the way before the cab hits it!

    I think the effects guys wanted to make a partial full size mobile cab with a section of track but the requirement never came up in the scripts.


  3. Hi. Thanks for the feed back.

    To echo Lukes points. You also have to remember that I’m the UFO noobie. But an old hand at chat about WHO so this bit gives me a bit of perspective on the show and it’s place in the world.


  4. Without wishing to be too rude, but why do we have to have ‘Prisoner Watch’ and ‘Doctor Who Watch’ in your UFO podcasts? Finding out what other shows the actors and actresses in UFO have appeared in is, of course, interesting, but this can be found out through the IMDB. Surely a UFO podcast should focus on thoughts and observations about it alone and not have time taken up with too much talk about other shows?


    1. Thanks for the feedback Jim.

      I think if we had a fixed time slot then we might think about ditching those bits, but being a podcast we can talk for as long we want. Next week’s episode is shorter and the one after that is the longest we’ve done so far just because we had more or less to say about those episodes. We also make sure it’s the last thing we do so that’s it’s very easy for listeners like yourself to switch off at that point.

      Part of the fun of watching UFO for me is those actor spotting moments and it’s something we like to celebrate in the podcast. I hope you continue to enjoy the podcast in spite of our digressions.


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