UFOcast – 03 – Flight Path

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It’s episode three and there’s blackmail and treachery at SHADO.

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4 thoughts on “UFOcast – 03 – Flight Path

  1. How could you comment on Flight Path without mentioning George Cole’s terrible hair cut? That style may have been in vogue in 1969, but it did not suit George! Other reflections…in the water….* Not sure why did Roper had to face the UFO out on the Moon alone. Why couldn’t two or three Moonbase staff go out with rocket launchers as well? And what about the Missile Tanks, seen later in the show? * Why does Moonbase have no anti-UFO defences of its own?! * As I recall, the UFO that captures and mind-controls the SHADO staffer at the beginning is not detected either when approaching or leaving the Earth. * Why didn’t the Aliens just program him to do something ,much simpler ie shoot Straker or Freeman or go berzerk in HQ with a machine gun the first chance he gets?


    1. George Cole wore a wig in UFO (like most men in the series) – it was believed it would be widespread in the future as it was and is with women — wrong of course but predicted by the series – hence all the terrible male hair.


  2. I’m really enjoying the podcast and very grateful for the excuse to get the DVDs and watch the show again for the first time since the early 70s.

    13 year old me would come home from school in 1973 and watch my afternoon science fiction shows – “Star Trek” and “UFO” – in Columbus Georgia.

    “Star Trek” I would see over and over again, but watching “UFO” was unique. I only saw it the one time, but it made an impression. I recorded the theme tune onto cassette tape and would listen to it over and over again for several years. I may still have that tape as it became a tape of favorite TV theme tunes.

    Once the YouTube age arrived, I was able to watch the title sequence again and also the first episode “Identified”.

    Of course hearing that two of my favorite Doctor Who podcasters would take on a podcast about “UFO” made me very excited. I sought out the DVD set and I’m watching each episode approximately a week before each podcast episode is due to be released. I purchased “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun” (“Doppleganger”) about a month ago. I Still haven’t found time to watch it – again I only saw it once in the early 70s. Soon, though.

    I’ve now watched “Identified” several times in the past few years.
    “Computer Affair” and “Flight Plan” were new to me. I don’t remember seeing them during the syndicated run. Tonight while watching “Exposed”, I realized that it must have been the first episode I ever saw. The scene with Straker firing the acoustic gun on the set was something my 13 year old self remembers.

    I’m looking forward to this journey through “UFO” with the podcast. Hearing about the Prisoner and Doctor Who connections is a particular highlight. Thanks for doing this.


    1. My experience was similar to yours. I was just turning 13 when it began airing in the US in fall ’72. I remember them running a promo for the show for some weeks before it appeared that had me eager to watch. Sadly, while I had remembered the correct date, I had the time wrong and tuned in near the end of the pilot episode when they were examining the alien. When they plucked that plastic shell off the guy’s eyeball; my entire family let out a collective sigh of disgust, and I sheepishly changed the channel.

      Missing the pilot episode cheated me out of a lot. In the handful of episodes I was able to view, I was confused about the connection with the film studio. Try watching an episode like “Mindbender” or “Timelash” without a solid understanding of that!

      UFO’s exquisite but impossible near-future is intoxicating to those of us who spent time in the 20th century. I’m happy to see it celebrated with a podcast.


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