UFOcast – 01 – Identified

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In this opening episode of the UFOcast Michael and Luke introduce themselves and discuss the series opener Identified.

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7 thoughts on “UFOcast – 01 – Identified

  1. This is great! First I discover that Stephen Schapansky and Erika Ensign are doing a Prisoner podcast and now I discover that you two are doing this! I’m 46 and I never saw UFO until this year, have been watching them from Forces TV (I think), I’ve seen most of them now, it’s great stuff. I think it has plenty to offer people who aren’t particularly interested in Anderson shows but their special skills and techniques are really well used in conjunction with the live action. Have listened to this one episode so far and I look forward to the others. All the actor-spotting is right up my street, I do that pretty compulsively myself! For instance I watched the 1964 film First Men In The Moon last night and was delighted to spot the professor’s wife from the Prisoner episode The General. It’s amazing how often actors from The Prisoner turn up in things given that there wasn’t that many of them and it didn’t have a huge cast.

    Having seen George Sewell for most of my life cast in his standard roles of villains and rough coppers it’s very strange to see him in a more neutral role.


  2. The SHADO doctors are able to identify organs in the alien stolen from Peter Carlin’s sister. That does NOT mean that the other transplanted organs belong to victims from different planets, it just means they can’t match them to anyone. (It’s not impossible that the aliens are raiding other worlds, but it’s never stated on the show. The aliens were probably lucky just to find one planet perfect for their needs. And then there’s The Cat With Ten Lives…)

    The ‘minion’ you speak of is Keith Ford (played by Keith Alexander) and he appears in several episodes.

    A little more research needed but your enthusiasm made the podcast an enjoyable listen.


    1. Hi Andrew, glad you’re enjoying the show.

      To reply to your comments in reverse order. We did cover Keith Alexander later in the episode during our Anderson Watch segment. Michael is coming to UFO rather fresh so his knowledge is limited. I decided not to correct him when we initially discussed the character and I realise now that it would have been helpful to do so.

      On your first point I had to go back and rewatch the scenes in question and I still think that my interpretation is valid. Here’s Straker’s line:

      “This report indicates five major organ and gland transplants. In the case of the heart, tissue compatibility tests shows it was human in origin.”

      It’s only in the scene afterwards that additional tests confirm that the heart was Leila Carlin’s. It seems to me therefore that the other four organs and glands are not human in origin. Now it could be that the report reflects an incomplete set of tests and that the other four organs would later be confirmed as human too, but this is never confirmed either way and so my speculation stands as a possibility.


      1. It is many years since I saw this episode, but my understanding was that the aliens are mainly that, but with the odd human part. Yours is an interesting observation, and I shall bear it in mind when I catch up with this episode again one day.


        PS Being born in 1963, I remember this series from first broadcast. It did look very futuristic at the time.



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