UFOcast – 22 – The Psychobombs

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After last time where we completely trashed The Man Who Came Back here’s a much happier review of The Psychobombs.

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2 thoughts on “UFOcast – 22 – The Psychobombs

  1. When I was younger, I could never spell Psychobombs correctly. I recently discovered an old C90 cassette on which I had recorded this episode back in the 70s and it revealed that the name of this episode was actually ‘The Physcobombs’.

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  2. Great podcast, guys. The Psychobombs is definitely one of the better UFO episodes and you’ve picked up on a lot of things there that I hadn’t thought about, even after watching this segment many, many, times over the course of the last 40-odd years!.
    I’ve been thinking that you two should do podcasts of Space 1999 (which would be good), but, after hearing you mention The Prisoner, I think this is something that would be great. Go for it!


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