UFOcast – 21 – The Man Who Came Back

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After a longer break than usual Luke and Michael are back to share their thoughts on The Man Who Came Back.

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2 thoughts on “UFOcast – 21 – The Man Who Came Back

  1. Derren Nesbitt is so good in this that he almost compensates for the derivative premise, outclassing everyone else with ease. Can’t believe his creepy enemy was ever seriously considered as Freeman’s successor unless they envisaged a long story arc about auditing SHADO and missing bog-rolls. And SID is obviously a tip of the hat to Tony Hancock.

    Good point about the Aliens’ lack of stamina when it comes to really applying their brilliant highly novel schemes such as stealing SHADO bog-roll so as to impregnate it with radio-waves to be fatally triggered when Straker goes for a poo.


  2. Although I don’t need all reviews of UFO to be disproportionately positive, I was a bit disappointed in the overall tone of this podcast towards ‘The Man Who Came Back’. Admittedly, there are plot holes and other aspects that may make this a less than favoured episode, but there are also many good things that you could have picked up on. Examples here include the tension that builds up towards the climax of the episode, and (in my humble opinion), the excellent acting dynamics between most of the cast, etc. We all have episodes that we don’t think are as good as others, but I always try to bring out the positive aspects of those I like least of all in order to more fully appreciate the series as a whole. If you judge (and ultimately watch) only those episodes that you like, then it can easily become a bit stale and the ethos of the show/series as a whole lost.
    I have read other UFO reviews that suggest the series at this point was starting to run out of ideas, losing its way, etc, and you yourselves have stated that this episode seems almost like a rehash of ‘Kill Straker’. With this in mind, what plot lines/stories would you both have liked to have seen in UFO given the chance?


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