UFOcast – 07 – The Dalotek Affair

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Love’s more beautiful the second time around. It’s The Dalotek Affair.

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2 thoughts on “UFOcast – 07 – The Dalotek Affair

  1. I just have four things to say about The Dalotek Affair…the Dalotek Affair…the Dalotek Affair….

    1) Isn’t it a bit early in the character’s development to be giving Foster flashback episodes?

    2) The sound the Geoscanner in the Dalotek base sets my teeth on edge. Sounds like ln industrial sheet-folding machine. Despite the base being the size of a small house, the Dalotek crew all smoke like trains. That makes even less sense than smoking on SkyDiver.

    3) Philip Latham aside, the guest cast are all horrible. Especially Tracy Reed. The way she says “fettucine” late in the story always makes me cringe hard.

    4) If SHADO is secret, why do the Dalotek people know they are ‘the military’, and why does Foster and co not hide anything they do?

    BONUS COMPLAINT – Surely the UFO radar jammer would be emitting an energy signature of its own that could be traced? And if you don’t want people to find it, Aliens, why shoot it at the Moon so hard it makes a crater?!


  2. You raise an interesting issue with the matter of Straker’s management style. Watching the series left me liking Straker, although no-one’s perfect and you could nitpick him plenty, but I felt that the series must be whitewashing him somewhat, because the aliens, having analysed SHADO’s strengths and weaknesses, seem to have concluded that one of the main resources available to them to exploit in their plots is ‘people that think Straker’s a dick.’ They can’t ALL be just jealous!

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