UFOcast – 06 – Conflict

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General Henderson is back and this time he and Straker don’t see eye to eye which leads to CONFLICT.

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3 thoughts on “UFOcast – 06 – Conflict

  1. Thanks for a brilliant podcast! I first saw UFO when “Identified” was first shown on Tyne Tees on 16th September 1970 when I was 7. It has been may “favourite” programme for most of my life, especially during the times when it was almost impossible to see it and memories were perhaps enhanced… way back in the early 1980’s (I think) I was visiting family in Newcastle from London and made a day trip back to London to see an episode being screened at the ICA – this turned out to be “Conflict” and this was a black and white print and quite disappointing. This episode does have some great music (of course) and space junk clearance was certainly ahead of its time!These days I still love UFO but am aware of its flaws, and wish it could have continued in the vein of the final batch of episodes which I think are much better overall. I look forward to the next podcast and sorry for waffling!


  2. Conflict is very entertaining even though the science doesn’t
    Hold up. Additionally Gen. Henderson gave Straker the job at Shado. It’s weird how they now hate each other. Still this is a fun, if flawed episode.
    Keep up the good work.


  3. CONFLICT!! I love the way the title zooms out of the Moon the way it does.

    Everyone is very angry at everyone else in this episode. Michael Billington’s rather oddly toned shout of “YES I SAY!’ at grouchy old General Henderson was a rare showing of genuine human emotion in a series that believed in 2001-style coldness most of the time. I think this is the first time we see Henderson since the pilot* (or the third, since I put Confetti Check AOK second in the show’s running order), and now suddenly after having Straker’s back he’s now more or less the only true baddie the series has. The Aliens are…mysterious…and despite their actions not necessarily malevolent in my view. So it’s up to Grant Taylor to be the nemesis, which is kind of weird.

    It bothers me that the device used to make Moon Shuttles crash is so singular in it’s function. What I mean is, if you work out what’s going on, it is easily “defeatible”. Why not just have the device drill a hole into the hull and explode? And why doesn’t anyone pay any attention to the (admittedly brief) radar traces of the object?!!

    Foster’s brave mission to show what is going on should not have been possible. He should not have been able to just nip off on a Moon Shuttle like that. HQ ought to have been able to remote-abort the launch or make the ship return to the Moon. Why was the Shuttle fuelled and ready to go if a total blockade was in effect anyway?!

    This episode predicted the problem of ‘space junk’ that we now face today. Many satellites are in danger of being dinged or knocked out completely by bits of floating rubbish up there.

    I do not know why Henderson is so gung ho against space junk clearance when he clearly OK’d it to start with…that’s exactly what they are doing when the story starts, clearing space junk. The gear is already in orbit, why NOT just clear it all up? Leaving the job half done is stupid, and Henderson should know that. It is much more expensive over all factors (resources, manpower, time etc) to completely stop then restart a major operation than is to improvisationally keep an intended shorter one going for longer. I hope that makes sense.

    The ending is also ridiculous. Straker, like God and his wager with Satan in the Biblical myth of Job, puts the lives of the whole SHADO HQ staff in peril just to prove a point to Henderson. Relying on Ms Ealand to look out a bloody window, and not ordering a second SKY fighter into the air to make sure of the UFO’s destruction, is idiotic. (Oh yes, they DO have more than one SKYDiver, as we see later on.)

    Freeman is already starting to look like a fifth wheel in the show, sadly, and we are only six eps in.

    * I may well be wrong


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