Join The Captain Scarlet Podcast

I’m looking for people contribute to a Captain Scarlet podcast that I’m recording. Would you be willing to record a short piece (2 minutes max.) where you talk about why you like a particular episode?

See the list below for available episodes. (Titles in italics are somebody’s 2nd or 3rd choice so if you pick it as your 1st choice it will automatically go to you.)

If you want to take part fill out the form below.

The Mysterons
Winged Assassin
Big Ben Strikes Again
Point 783
Operation Time
Renegade Rocket
White as Snow
Seek and Destroy
Spectrum Strikes Back
Shadow of Fear
The Heart of New York
Fire at Rig 15
The Launching
Lunarville 7
The Trap
Model Spy
Crater 101
Dangerous Rendezvous
Special Assignment
Place of Angels
Flight 104
Codename Europa
Flight to Atlantica
Noose of Ice
Treble Cross
Expo 2068
Attack on Cloudbase
The Inquisition