UFOcast – 26 – The Long Sleep

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We reach the final episode and it’s a bit of a weird one.

Michael and Luke’s trip through reviewing UFO comes to an end.

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UFO – Volumes 5-8 Collector’s Edition [DVD] [1970]

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2 thoughts on “UFOcast – 26 – The Long Sleep

  1. I remember a long time back one Sunday evening in the London Weekend TV region the announcer stating that there was a one-off ‘UFO’ episode to be shown unusually late…perhaps 22:00 or so. I only caught a bit as my mum sent me to bed as it was a school day the next day. It was not until I went to university years later that somebody told me about a ‘UFO’ episode what was especially adult due to drugs use. It was years before I got to see it in full.

    As for the actress who plays Catherine Roberts, that is Tessa Wyatt who I remember from ‘Robin’s Nest’ and as the ex wife of DJ Tony Blackburn, who was famously upset at the end of their marriage.

    Well, thanks a bunch gents for your podcasts. I did not always agree, but it was very refreshing to have other viewpoints to point out issues and story plot holes that I had not thought about!

    I shall miss the banter!



  2. Thank you both for the entertainment over the last year and a half. Always good to hear new views and thoughts on classic TV shows.
    Maybe any feedback from listeners could include a list of their top five episodes of both the programme and the podcasts. For me, the podcasts on Identified, ESP, The Sound of Silence, Timelash and Mindbender really stand out as particularly enjoyable and entertaining.
    A shame that the ‘Keith Ford Rocks’ t-shirts were pulled. Maybe Alec Freeman’s ‘about as much cover as a g-string on a belly dancer’ would slip-in under the radar instead?
    Looking forward to your future podcast collaborations.


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