UFOcast – 24 – Timelash

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Someone is messing about with time in this episode. What did Luke and Michael think of it?

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4 thoughts on “UFOcast – 24 – Timelash

  1. I had never thought about the possibility of the aliens trying the same tactic again. But, on reflection, the alien plan relied on having an inside man, Turner. So, getting somebody to turn and betray SHADO would be very difficult if the traitor has to be convinced to help the aliens voluntarily.

    I once worked in a bookshop in Piccadilly, London, which no longer exists. I was on the till when Patrick Allen approached me to pay for a book. My manager did not recognise him, and I was so pleased to see him. I was opening my mouth to say to him something like “You’re Paddy Allen!” when he beat me to it and said, “Patrick Allen.” I guess that he must have been accustomed to people telling him that they had seem him on TV or films and could not remember who he was. He was not as tall as I imagined, but his normal speaking voice was great.


  2. Ed Straker’s socks make a striking guest appearance in this episode because his strides are too short says:

    Another superb podcast from you pair of genial hosts with the mosts.

    Timelash is one of my favourite episodes of UFO because it has elements of surrealism that have always appealed to this grizzled old fan of the show. It’s an episode that showcases some of the excellent talent involved in the making of the series (particularly the actors, special effects team and incidental music) and takes us on a journey that few could have imagined after watching some of the less popular episodes of the show. Essentially, it is a clash of good vs evil (or more specifically good vs the voice/face of Mr Barrett homes in the 1970s), a battle of the voices between Ed Bishop and Patrick Allen, and a chance to see two grown actors having the time of their lives in go karts. Why not conduct a poll to see which UFO fan DIDN’T want to drive a go kart after seeing this episode. I know I did, and on one occasion remembered shouting “Big Man! Big Man!” as I went round a track in rural Devon. My fellow combatants and the cows in the neighbouring field didn’t seem too impressed. Now unable to physically fit into a go kart, I do try to recreate this scene in my fifteen year old Vauxhall Astra around the streets of Doncaster. Concerns for my welfare have been expressed.

    One thing that did occur to me after hearing your Podcast, was the apparent inconsistency of the TV censors regarding drug usage in the show. To illustrate, if, as you point out, the X-50 drug could almost be compared to amphetamine sulphate aka speed, then why wasn’t this episode given the same treatment (so to speak) as The Long Sleep which, because of its scenes of LSD use, wasn’t aired until 1973 and, even then, at 11.30 pm? The scene where Paul Foster finds the drugs and hyperdermic needle on Straker would surely have elicited the same response from those deciding what was suitable for audiences at that time? If this wasn’t enough, then surely the scene where Dr Jackson injects Straker with the ‘revelatory’ drug, would be sufficient to make censorship on drug scenes come into play? On a side note, the sequence after Straker is injected and the drug starts to kick-in is pure gold imho, and I wish that there was a longer version of the audio available as it has a very mystical quality.

    Looking forward to your next podcast.


  3. This is one of my all-time favourite episodes which I first saw when it was shown very late in the early 1970’s. There are of course lots of issues – like the very basic UFO model used whilst Straker’s car is being irradiated, and the obvious stunt doubles, and I still can’t work out the timeline of the story after more watches than I can count, but it is still I think a wonderful episode. Patrick Allen is brilliant too. The scenes when Turner is shot, and Straker destroys the UFO are brilliantly done, and the film studio makes an excellent location for the filming. Mindbender and The Long Sleep are also excellent, Straker has a really hard time in these episodes!


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