UFOcast – 19 – The Cat with Ten Lives

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UFO takes a turn for the Prisoner-esque and there’s a new revelation about the Aliens. We dissect (pun intended) this fresh news.

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5 thoughts on “UFOcast – 19 – The Cat with Ten Lives

  1. Poor old Geraldine Moffat. Here, she gets abducted by organ-hunger aliens, whilst in Get Carter she ends up in Jack Carter’s boot/trunk/kofferraum and ultimately the bottom of the Tyne (or somewhere near). Did any of her on-screen characters fare any better?


  2. Just watched this episode again. The occult thread and surreal imagery/camera-work/lighting/symbolism made this one that much unsettling in my youth, along with Alexis Kanner’s striking performance. Loved the rapport with his on-screen wife in those early uncharacteristically-humorous scenes. I suppose for me this was like ITV’s counterpart to the BBC’s annual Ghost Stories plus the life-changing TV broadcasts of Hammer’s ‘Quatermass & The Pit’ and ‘The Devil Rides Out’ during the same period. Jim Regan’s patchily-green face is strange too.


  3. Bonkers and very entertaining episode I finally caught up with in late night 1987 repeats. Alexis Kanner made for a memorably mannered guest shot. I think using a black cat would be a bit too on the nose with the occult allusions. I was hoping to see inside the UFO when Regan and his wife were captured but they cheaped out.
    I sometimes wonder if the UFO leaving the lake was a leftover test shot from The Sound of Silence, the background foliage is identical.


  4. This latter David-Tomblin-heavy block of episodes seemed very strange and baffling to a wide-eyed Anderson-loving kid back in the 70s. The series was repeated at least once in a slot around midnight on a Sunday in the Granada region circa 1976 which together with my memory of being up past normal bedtime to tiredly watch this episode exacerbated my perception of the show as becoming too weird, adult and unsettling for me, like walking in on your parents at it (ie sacrificing a cockerel) before you even know about sex, drugs or Cthulhu.

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  5. Just wondering why a Siamese cat was chosen for this episode. Would a black cat (for example) have been a better choice as it brings into play superstitions, etc., and an air of mysticism that might have added an extra layer to the mood and feel of the episode?


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