Luke Overthinks The Christmas Invasion (Target Novelisation)

Target books were my gateway to Doctor Who, but it’s taken me a while to pick up the new series books. Here’s my review of The Christmas Invasion.

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2 thoughts on “Luke Overthinks The Christmas Invasion (Target Novelisation)

  1. A good review, Luke.
    On a different note, having grown up with Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 (or ‘bleak heaven’ as I’ve heard non-afficianados call it), do you know if there were ever plans to create a story linking the two series, whether on-screen or novelisation? I know the main cast of Blake’s were all killed off in the last episode, but a timely intervention on the part of the good Doctor could have saved the day and potentially led to a whole new take on things. Any ideas?


    1. Thanks.

      I understand that at one point the invading fleet at the end of Series 2 of Blake’s 7 was going to be the Daleks. Also I think Tom Baker may have suggested that he and Blake pass in a corridor while both engaged in entirely unrelated adventures. Neither happened sadly.


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